Summer Outdoor Games For Kids

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When the Summer is about to come, everyone feels more alive and refreshed by the idea that warm and exciting days are approaching, which means more opportunities for pleasure and fun. This is especially true for kids who adore playing games outside when they are in Summer vacation. No one is eager to stay inside home, stuck in front of the television or computer.

Summer is the time when everything is more alive and people’s spirits feel the freedom and coziness in the pleasant warm evenings. Children, of course, benefit from this a lot as they have more free time to devote on games. Whether they play in the backyard or in the street they tend to be very creative when choosing the most amusing and interesting games for having fun. The games do not need to be very complicated, just on the contrary – sometimes the simplicity of rules is what attracts most kids as they can be united in larger groups which guarantees unforgettable moments.

Play Outdoors


In this article we will offer you some interesting ideas for Summer outdoor games for children that will really attract their attention.

Playing with sidewalk chalks

Chalks are always a great opportunity for very different outdoor ideas. Supply the children with enough amount of chalks, with different colours and sizes. Depending on the age of the children they can think about a variety of games, however if they are smaller kids they could just take up with painting on the ground. They can make a competition for the best painting and they can even give some prizes for the beautiful ones. Make sure that they use the chalks at places where other people won’t complain about this. If this is in front of your house, it would be fine, but if other places are also included, advise children to clean everything when they finish with the games.

Make a suitable car wash

If your car needs extensive cleaning you can offer to your children and of course to their friends to take part in the cleaning of your car and make a real fun time from this. You can instruct every kid,  which part of the car they will take care of and  supply them with sponges and cleaning materials. This idea could be especially interesting for the boys, who always want to learn more about their father’s car. You can situate the car in front of the garage and you can make a real fun time out of this washing procedure. Apart from this you can also ask the kids to bring their bicycles with them and to organize their cleaning as well.

Dodge Ball

The very famous dodge ball is just the perfect idea for a Summer game, as it involves many people in it. It could be played either in the backyard or in some spacious place that is also situated outside. The greatest part is that you can involve as much people, as you want and that all you need is a ball that is not heavy, but stable and more than 5-6 enthusiasts who will participate in the fun. Dodge ball is one of the most preferred outdoor games as it has simple rules so it could be played with even smaller kids.

If you are keen on these three ideas you can offer them to your children to make their Summer diverse and full with pleasant moments. Do not forget to instruct them to clean and wash themselves every time they come back home, because usually their clothes will need extensive cleaning with the appropriate washing materials.

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