Editorial Policy

Welcome Always Outdoors Guest Writers! We’re excited to have you join our growing community of outdoor enthusiasts.

Our website isn’t just any old blog. It’s a one-stop shop for anyone who loves the great outdoors, featuring insightful content. We share in-depth outdoor articles, inspiring stories, tales of trips, and gear reviews.

Always Outdoors offers a valuable platform to share your expertise. Here, you can publish original, outdoor-focused guest articles to inspire others.

To ensure the highest quality for our readers, we have some essential guidelines for guest writers.

Original Work Required

  • We value unique, relevant, and well-written content.
  • Please submit only unpublished articles not found elsewhere online.
  • Always Outdoors prioritizes fresh outdoor insights, avoiding previously published content.
  • You can share a snippet of your published Always Outdoors article on your personal blog after 30 days, with a clear link back to the full article on our site.
  • All submitted posts will undergo a Copyscape review to verify they haven’t been published before.

Our audience

Our audience includes people who enjoy the outdoors, including activities like camping, hiking, travel, and adventure. Our audience covers both beginners and experienced outdoor enthusiasts. They want to get advice, be inspired, and understand what the best equipment is for their outdoors adventures.

Guest post topics we cover

Our audience appreciates articles in the following categories:

  • Adventure guest post articles
  • Action guest post articles
  • Binoculars guest post articles
  • Boating guest post articles
  • Camping guest post articles
  • Camping with Kids guest post articles
  • Caravanning guest post articles
  • Cooking Outdoors guest post articles
  • Environment guest post articles
  • Gardening guest post articles
  • Gear reviews guest post articles
  • Hiking guest post articles
  • Outdoor gear and clothing guest post articles
  • Outdoor pursuits guest post articles
  • Outdoor skills guest post articles
  • Pet Travel Safety guest post articles
  • RV travel guest post articles
  • Safety tips guest post articles
  • Travel guest post articles
  • Travel blog guest post articles
  • Travel with pets guest post articles
  • Vacation guest post articles
  • Watersports guest post articles
  • White knuckle guest post articles
  • Wildlife guest post articles

As you can see, we accept articles across a broad spectrum of outdoors related topics and industries. If you’re not sure whether or not your article is a fit for our platform, please feel free to reach out with a brief overview. Normally we’ll accept any relevant well written articles that is relevant to the broad topic of the great outdoors.

Formatting requirements

  • Actionable Guides: Share your expertise with informative “How To” articles.
  • Curated Collections: Round up the best gear, destinations, or tips in one place.
  • Real-World Examples: Showcase successful campaigns with insightful Case Studies.
  • Gear Reviews: Put outdoor products to the test and provide honest feedback.
  • Industry Insights: Interview outdoors influencers to spark fresh perspectives.

Formatting for Readability

  • Keep it Clear: Use concise sentences for easy understanding.
  • Aim for Depth: 1000+ words required to deliver comprehensive value.
  • Break it Down: Use subheadings with bold titles for a scannable structure.
  • Accuracy Matters: Ensure flawless grammar and spelling.

Linking and Images

  • Source it Right: Include relevant links to reputable websites for further exploration.
  • Self-Promotion: You can include one link back to your website, but no affiliate links.
  • Reference Us: Try to also reference a relevant Always Outdoors article to enhance reader discovery.
  • High-Quality Visuals: We’ll provide a stock image, but any additional images you add must be high-resolution (at least 800px wide).

Headline Power

A captivating headline is crucial for grabbing attention and driving traffic. Here are some tips:

  • Action Verbs: Start with “How To” or other action verbs to showcase the value.
  • Benefits Upfront: Highlight why readers should care (e.g., “Why You Should…”).
  • Lists are Catchy: Use numbered lists like “5 Tips” or “7 Tools” to pique interest.
  • Urgency Creates Action: Emphasize the importance of reading now (e.g., “Don’t Miss Out On…”).
  • Power Words: Include strong adjectives like “Essential” or “Must-Have” to stand out.
  • Negative Can Be Positive: Headlines that highlight problems can work well, but pair them with a solution (e.g., “Are You Making These Camping Mistakes?”).

Submit a guest post

If you would like to guest post, please email info@always-outdoors.com with your topic idea. If accepted, the article should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document or Google Doc.

Happy writing!