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Preparing For The Ultimate Summer Barbeque

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With summer almost here, it’s time to break out the grill and take advantage of the warm weather and opt for a barbeque with some friends and family. Create some fun memories with great food, whether it’s in celebration of a family member’s graduation, a birthday, summer holiday, or just for fun. With delicious food and some good company, everyone is guaranteed a great time. From burgers and hot dogs to antipasto platters with gourmet olives, you can guarantee some fun in the sun with the ultimate barbeque. Grilling isn’t difficult, but with a little practice, your friends, family, and neighbors will consider you an expert in both your grilling techniques and ability to throw a fun summer barbeque.

Have everyone pitch in

It can be tough (and expensive) throwing a barbeque all on your own, so if you have a large amount of guests, it’s a good idea to ask everyone to bring a little something. Whether it’s potato salad, some burger rolls,  a few bottles of soda, or chips and dip, if everyone pitches it, you’ll have a large variety of food for everyone to enjoy without breaking the bank. If you’re hosting, provide the meat, as you won’t want to depend on someone else getting there on time to begin cooking!

Make a list of necessities

Before grocery shopping for your barbeque necessities, it’s important to create a list in order to avoid forgetting a few important items. A few helpful but often forgotten items include tablecloths, table weights, plastic cups and paper plates, and markers. Opt for paper plates rather than Styrofoam or plastic to remain environmentally friendly and be sure to leave out some markers so guests can write their name on their cups to avoid losing them – you’d be surprised at how many cups go to waste! Make for easy cleanup with some disposable tablecloths and invest in a few weights to keep things from blowing away on a blustery day.

Prepare your space

It’s also important to prepare your outdoor space to hold a lot of guests. Break out the extra chairs and make sure your patio furniture it clean and ready for use. Make sure your grill and accessories are clean and ready to cook – this will save you time and frustration the day of the barbeque. Empty the firepit, fill tiki torches with fresh citronella candles, and fluff cushions… it’s really the little things that count. Finally, make sure your landscaping is up to par by pulling out any weeds and mowing the lawn the day prior.

Barbeques are relatively easy to prepare for and cleanup and make for the perfect summer gathering with friends, family, and neighbors. From hamburgers and hotdogs, to potato salad, to antipasto platters with gourmet olives, you can ensure your gathering is a hit by having everyone pitch in, making a list of necessities, and preparing your outdoor space. Make the most out of the warm summer weather while gathering with friends by throwing the ultimate summer barbeque.

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