Adrenaline Rush: The Best Whitewater Rafting Destinations

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During the recent years, whitewater rafting has become more and more popular. Nevertheless, there are still some people, who are barely aware of it. Of course, it can be considered as a pretty dangerous way of entertainment, but as a whole it is a really fascinating sport. So here are some of the best whitewater rafting destinations around the world. Some of them are quite wild and even extreme, but they are definitely worth your attention. Chattooga River, North Carolina As soon as you get there, you will get enchanted by the breathtaking scenery and the crystal clear waters of the river. It is a beautiful place with magnificent nature and infinite landscapes. You can book a Chattooga river trip online and spend one of the most incredible rafting adventures, which you will definitely remember. Middle Fork, Salmon River, Idaho It is believed to be one of the most popular whitewater rivers. It offers endless forest scenery and beautiful rapids. This is one of the few places on Earth, where you can experience exciting whitewater rafting and enjoy the amazing sight of a mother bear swimming with her little cubs. Zambezi River, Zambia
Rafting across the Zambezi River is something which every person should experience. This is one of the best value-for-money adrenaline trips. Some of the most famous rapids’ names are Devils Toilet Bowl, Oblivion and Morning Glory. It allows you to take advantage of five of the biggest rapids in the world and have a lot of fun.
Franklin River, Tasmania The Franklin River is one of the last truly wild rivers around the world. It is a great mixture of enchanting views, untrodden forests and ancient environment. In short, if you want to experience unforgettable and amazing whitewater rafting, then this place is definitely a must. Alsek River, Yukon Region of Alaska, British Columbia Alaska is one of those places, which in spite of its harsh climate conditions, is believed to be a real heaven on Earth. As for the Yukon rafting region, it is very popular for its four national parks: Wrangell St. Elias National Park, Kluane National Park Reserve, Glacier National Park and the Tatshenshini – Alsek Wilderness Park. One of the most popular rafting destinations there is the Alsek river, which provides for its visitors rich wildlife, magnificent scenery and beautiful, crystal clear waters. Unfortunately, whitewater rafting there is available only during the summer. Colorado River, South America The Colorado River offers some of the best whitewater rafting destinations in the US. There are two very popular places, where you can practice this extreme sport. One of them is Arizona, near to the Grand Canyon. The other one is the Moab desert where there are more than 60 rapids and a lot of breathtaking landscapes. Rio Cotahuasi River, Peru Trips to Rio Cotahuasi, and most particularly to the world’s deepest canyon, are available only once a year. Nevertheless, it is one of the most exciting whitewater rafting destinations. It is for experienced rafters only, since it includes about 120km of sheer rapids.

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