How to Pick a Sleeping Bag for Children

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You’ve decided to try a family camping trip.  Maybe your children are starting out in Scouts and they have had some scouting camping trips.  Perhaps your children have friends who have talked about their camping experiences.  No matter what the motivation, I can assure you, a camping trip is a good choice for 1 night, a weekend or a week.  However, I would advise you to start out small until you learn the ropes.

One of the most important purchases you will need to make are sleeping bags for your children.  When you look online or in stores, it can be confusing because there are so many choices.  Right off, you want to eliminate character or novelty sleeping bags.  These are good for a sleepover, but are not made for camping use.

It is also important to choose a youth size sleeping bag.  You don’t want a lot of extra space in the bag because the air in that space has to be heated by your body.  So choose a bag that’s roomy enough to roll over in and to move your feet around in, but that is the right length for your child.  Mummy bags are  designed for just that.

Sleeping bags are rated by the lowest temperature in which the average person would be comfortable sleeping.  You need to take into account where you live and the time of the year when you will be camping.  If you live in the South and you will be camping in Spring, Summer and Fall, you would not need a bag rated at 0 degrees.

There are some extra features that a good child’s sleeping bag has.  There should be no strings, ties or cords near the head of the bag.  Make sure the zipper doesn’t snag and pulls easily.  It should have a pull on the inside as well as the outside.  A flannel lining is nice because it add extra warmth and it feels good.  Some children’s sleeping bags have glow in the dark designs on the lining or glowing zippers.

If at all possible, have your children involved in the selection of the sleeping bags.  You may have to go to an outdoor store to find what you want.  Of course, Amazon has a great selection of sleeping bags and other outdoor equipment, such as the Coleman Weathermaster 3 room screened tent.

Congratulations on your decision to try camping.  With a little research and preparation, I guarantee you will enjoy your camping adventures.

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