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Coleman WeatherMaster 3 Room Tent Review

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Why the Coleman WeatherMaster 3 room tent is a perfect choice for family and friends

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Coleman 3 Room Tent

Camping is a great outdoor activity. It allows you to get away from the busyness of everyday life and slow down and enjoy nature. However, just as in any leisure activity there are some basic supplies that you need. When it comes to camping, a good tent is probably one of the most important items you need to acquire.

Coleman, which is synonymous with outdoor camping, has a terrific 3 room tent for family, friends, or any other group outing. It is the Coleman Weathermaster Screened 6 Tent. This is a three season tent for car camping.

4 Questions To Ask When Considering the Coleman 3 Room Tent

1. Is the tent big enough for my needs?

Size dimensions

This is a big tent with a footprint of 17 feet by 9 feet. It stands 76 inches high. This is important, because you can walk upright inside the whole tent since the design is that of a cabin tent, meaning it has a flat roof. No more bending and stooping like in a dome tent.

Interior Layout

  • The Coleman WeatherMaster tent has two interior rooms with a divider andone screened room, like a screened porch. For parents with children, the two interior rooms allow you to put a child or baby down to sleep, before you are ready to go to bed. The two rooms also provide privacy for adults if they want it.
  • There is a divider between the two interior rooms that can be removed if you want a larger room.
  • The screened area provides protection from bugs and allows for a convenient place for storing gear or other items away from the interior areas.

The hinged door

One of the most unique features of the Coleman Weathermaster is the hinged door design. This hinged door is one of my favorite features of this tent – here’s why! The door opens and shuts on a hinge. It just flops back in place when you let it go, which means you don’t have to zip and unzip it every time you go in or out.

If you have small children, you know this is a great innovation. In fact, this is the one feature that owners of this tent love the most. Be assured, this door can be zipped closed at night to keep the critters and cold out.

There are actually two entrances into the tent. One is through the hinged door to the main tent and the other is through the screen room or porch area. It’s nice to be able to enter the tent through the screen room door if your boots are muddy. You can leave them there and avoid tracking mud into your living quarters.


This family sized tent weighs in a 31.9 lbs, which is actually not a lot for a large cabin tent. Remember, this is not a backpacking tent. It is designed for car camping where you only have to carry it from your car to your campsite.

To help you with transport it has a nice carrying case and extra bags for poles and stakes.


The WeatherMaster 3 room tent is easy to set up. It has colored coded poles and easy to use clip attachments. However, if you aren’t familiar with setting up a tent, it’s probably a good idea to try it at home first.

2. How’s The Ventilation Inside The Tent?

If you are camping in the hot summer months, which is often the only time available to you, you want to be sure you have sufficient air flow through the entire tent. It can get very hot inside the tent. Here are some features that insure you get all the breeze you need.

  • This Coleman tent has many large screened windows that let breezes flow through the tent.
  • The roof of the tent is all mesh. The rain fly will keep rain out on bad weather days.
  • There is a zippered fabric and mesh door to the screened room that can be opened during the day and closed at night ensuring proper ventilation.

3. Is It Sturdy?


  • This Coleman 6 person tent has a wind resistant frame. You don’t want your tent blowing over or listing to one side in a sudden thunderstorm. The poles that keep the tent upright are made of steel and will not bend in a heavy wind.
  • There are lots of guy wires which anchor the tent down during windy days and will keep the walls from sagging.
  • The awning of the rain fly and the hinged door are fitted with flexible fiberglass poles. Because they are flexible, they are easy to insert and to bend to the shape of the door and rain fly.

4. Will It Keep Me Dry?

If you have ever spent a rainy night in a tent that leaked, you will know how important the following features are.

  • There are leak free seams in the rain fly which are fully taped to keep rain out.
  • The fabric is weather resistant. It is made of polyester and coated with polyurethane which provides water resistance.
  • The seams in the tent construction are inverted so the needle holes are on the side away from the elements so the rain cannot penetrate the interior.
  • The floor is welded polyethylene which is waterproof, tear and puncture resistant. Because it is welded, there are no needle holes to leak moisture.

What Do The Owners Say?

Here are some comments from Amazon where actual users gave feedback on the Coleman WeatherMaster Screened 6 Tent.

  • “This tent saved the vacation….. After a week of steady rain, not one seep, weep or drip.”
  • “… it went up very quickly and easily. the instructions were very easy to follow and all the parts were easily identifiable and intuitive…. it was so easy to quickly slip in and out of the tent without zipping”
  • “Love it! It is roomy, fitting a large queen blow-up bed, a playpin our bags and still room to walk around. The swing door is super convenient. The netted room is perfect for storing your camping gear. A perfect match for family camping.”

Where Can I Buy This?

You can buy this Coleman WeatherMaster 3 Room Tent at Amazon. I have found that they usually have the best prices, in fact they have recently reduced the price by about 30% as of Spring 2012. They are currently including free shipping for this tent.

The Coleman WeatherMaster Screened 6 Tent is one of the best tents for camping that I have reviewed. It has many features that will enhance your camping experience. Check it out and get outdoors!