6 Reasons Not To Travel To The Isle Of Wight

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The Isle of Wight is a nice place to visit and if you want to read something positive about it, try searching for “10 things to do on the Isle of Wight”. However, all too often you read about reasons to travel to a certain destination, just like that article, but not all places suit everyone. So this time round, here are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t set foot on the Isle of Wight.

There are no flights to the Isle of Wight for the general public. Unless you are a celebrity or part of the royalty who take a helicopter to get to festivals on the island, you’ll have to take the ferry like everyone else. That’s the problem with living on an island. And if you are seasick, it’s an even bigger problem for you.  And if you come from abroad, you aren’t able to fly directly to the Isle of Wight but will have to land at one of the airports on the mainland, such as Southampton Airport, thus making your trip even longer.

Clubbing devil
Isle of Wight may be famous for its music festival but it ain’t no rival to Ibiza. So if you are one of those who can’t miss the clubbing scene when on holiday, the easy and quiet pace of life on the island may get you bored rather quickly. Isle of Wight is about beaches, farms and rural areas above everything else.

Haute cuisine
Are you a gourmet? Into fine cuisine? Good food the Isle of Wight certainly has; farms supply plenty of fresh produce with little distance to cover. There is even a garlic farm. But if you are after a Michelin-starred restaurant, perhaps this little island is not the right place to find it. Let’s leave the overpriced restaurants to West London or Paris and New York.

Culture vulture
Mentioning these big cities reminds me that there are not many museums and art galleries around. You’re in a rural area surrounded with farming land and not a single motorway. Don’t go there for clothes shopping either. The Isle of Wight was never intended to be a competitor to Oxford Street, the Fifth Avenue, Boulevard Haussmann, Nevsky Prospect or whatever famous road you can name. Forget about the Macy’s and the Selfridges if you plan a trip to the island.

British weather
Ah, the fine British weather. Always a wonderful topic to talk about. Not so great when you travel many kilometres to get to the beach and it is cold and rainy. Beaches are to be enjoyed on hot sunny days. While the geographic location of the Isle of Wight, all the way to the south, ensures it has much better weather than say Scotland, unfortunately, it is not the Caribbean. The island has many pretty beaches to boast about but prepare to be disappointed from time to time with the weather.

Waltzing water
Not really a reason to avoid the whole island, but it’s surely one place to avoid on the island. The Waltzing Waters just after Tesco near Ryde is a light and sound show of … water shooting out of the ground. While technologically impressive, 60 minutes of sitting still to see the same thing over and over again will make you wish you were at an interview.

There may be times when the Isle of Wight is not the most appropriate place for you.

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