How Camping Clears My Mind

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As a full-time law student, I am constantly overwhelmed by my schedule. If I’m not studying for a test, I’m researching old cases or working at my internship. Needless to say, I am a busy guy. To avoid becoming completely stressed out, I do my best to exercise daily and have started running as a way to release tension from my body. Personally, I have found that exercise is the key component of a more peaceful existence. While consistent exercise is good, whenever my law school in Boston is really stressing me out I like to head to the great outdoors for some good old camping to help clear my mind.

One whiff of the fresh, clean air and I can practically feel the stress melt away. The moment I get out of my car, I take a deep inhale and breathe in the serenity and solitude of the wild. There is something about being out in nature that renews and restores me. I can disconnect from the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life, enabling me to return to reality better prepared to perform at work. The peace and quiet of nature is such a relaxing and a welcomed change from the constant noise of city life.

When I’m camping I am not bombarded with noisy chaos and deadlines, but rather the simplicity of nature. The quality time with my friends really clears my mind and refreshes my spirit. We are all so busy that taking the time to get away and camp, hike, fish and/or hunt has become really important. As often as we possibly can, we all pile into a car and head up to the mountains, the desert, or sometimes even the beach, just to get away from it all. The time we spend camping is always a refreshing reminder of the beauty of the simpler things in life.

Although it can be difficult to coordinate everyone’s hectic schedules, we make the point to try to plan a trip every couple of months. Even if it’s just a quick weekend trip, we soak in every second of being away. I learned from my dad’s experience that putting constant stress on your body and mind could lead to having to deal with constant chronic pain management. I know that if I don’t make the time to relax and escape from the pressures of my workload, the stress may begin to manifest itself negatively in my body. Camping may not be the most glamorous vacation, but it sure does the trick for me!

Credit:  Phil Lastup

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