Five Things To Consider When Buying A Portable Outdoor Grill

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If you are are buying a portable gas grill for camping or tailgating, here are five areas that you might want to consider.

  • Size – If your grill is stationary, then size doesn’t matter.  If you are planning on carrying it in your car, camper or RV, make sure that you get one that you can handle.  There is a trade off between weight and sturdiness.  You don’t want a grill that is wobbly, especially if you are planning on taking it camping.  Often, a carrying case is a great accessory for a portable grill.
  • Cooking surface – The cooking surface should be a non stick kind.  Some grills come with porcelain coated cast iron finish. These are very sturdy, but they will add to the overall weight of your grill.  The grill should have interchangeable cooking surfaces.  Maybe half of the cooking area is a griddle.  This is great for breakfast when you may be cooking pancakes or eggs or bacon.  For dinner, you might prefer to cook on a grill if you are cooking hamburgers, hot dogs or chicken.  It is also nice if you can buy extra surfaces to add to the grill’s versatility.  It’s nice to have stove grates if you want to make coffee or boil water in a big pot.  Maybe you are cooking for a big crowd and you really need the whole surface to be a grill.
  • Heating elements – It’s important to be able to adjust the burners separately.  You may want one side to be hot and the other to be at low heat.  The heat should be distributed evenly and should still cook hot in cold weather.
  • Assembly – The grill should be easy to set up and should have a stand for it to sit on. When it’s time to go home, is it easy to take down?  Storage is also a factor to consider.  Is it compact enough to store in small places?
  • Fuel – What kind of fuel does the grill use?  Small disposable propane canisters are easy to carry and are very inexpensive.  How do you actually start the grill?  Push button ignition is a real plus, especially on windy days.

I have found a small portable grill that meets all of the above considerations.  It is the Coleman 9941-768 Road Trip Grill (Blue)
.  I have written a review of this grill which might help you in the choice of your own grill.


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