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Best Adventure Destinations in Europe

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Europe. Thinking about this place makes you visualize dreamy castles and knights in shining armor. But for those who seek adventure and outdoor activities, the wonderland that is Europe is not all about castles and knights. Europe has a festive mood which caters to the adventure seekers out there, with destinations that can peak your adrenaline levels.

First Destination, Spitsbergen in Norway

One of the northern European nations, Norway has hundreds of fjords on its coastlines. Almost one-third of Norway’s stretched landmass is on the Arctic Circle which is why it is covered with ice almost all year round.

Going to Norway means venturing into Europe’s biggest glacier, and hiking into wild terrains. Hardcore adventurers are invited to try Spitsbergen which is at the North Pole (around 900 kilometers south). See polar bears as they roam freely on large stretches of ice while searching for food. Witness also the grey seals and walruses as they amuse many other adventurers on that area.

The Dolomites, Italy – Your Second Destination

The Via Ferrata is not a trek destination for the faint-hearted. This site in Dolomites, Italy is the first ferrate route ever. See the beauty of the Brenta mountain range right smack in Trento, a famous Italian Province.

Climb extensive ladder networks and expert trails as you reach Via Delle Brochette a place built in the 1930s. This route continues towards the Brenta Mountain, a destination that adventurers will not reach without passing through the spectacular bocca or mouth in Brenta Alta.

If you are new to this whole Via Ferrata adventure, it is best to hire a guide who can assist you during the tour.

The Third Destination, The Pyrenees in France

This place stretches between two countries, mainly Spain and France. The Pyrenees is a renowned mountain range which lies for hundreds of miles on these two countries.

Biking is a great way to tour this region. Begin your tour on the Atlantic Ocean shores, then ride your way to the Mediterranean Sea through the Pyrenees. Relive Tour de France as you navigate Col d’ Aubisque, Col de Portet Aspet, Col du Tourmalet, and many more.

Your Next Destination: Akureyi, Iceland

Contrary to common notion, Iceland is not all ice. In fact, it has a volcanic center which is fenced in by numerous glaciers – the Vatnajokull, Hofsjokull and the Langjokull.

There are various fjords, bays, and glacier rivers, starting from the highlands, going down to the ocean. Akureyi is the capital of Northern Iceland and it is the perfect place for sailing, dog-sleigh rides and ice climbing.

Your Fifth Stop: The Cairngorms National Park in Scotland

These highlands are famous for European hiking. Walk or bike through Wester Ross and the moorlands which is inclusive of the 3,000-foot Beinn Damh (Hill of the Stag). This park is the largest one in Scotland and is the home of many land forms. First, there’s the Caledonian pine forest, there is also an arctic plateau to enjoy. Take pictures of the world’s rarest species such as the red deer, wildcats, golden eagle and some otters.

Make Your Choice or Visit All

If this is your vacation of a lifetime and you are destined to go to Europe, then you might as well go to the most fun-filled areas. As you go home from this tour, you will feel rejuvenated and will have more appreciation for God’s creations – that’s a guarantee.

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