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8 Must Have Items For Camping At A Music Festival

UK Music Festival

So you’ve bought your festival tickets and now it’s time to pack for the big weekend. You’re probably wondering what the essentials are, so hopefully I’ll be able to provide you with a list of things you definitely shouldn’t even consider leaving behind.

1. A tent.

Sounds like common sense – but you’re going to need somewhere to sleep. Try splitting the price with a friend and share your sleeping space (chances are, you won’t be sleeping much anyway). A decent tent can cost quite a bit of money but try shops like Decathlon for reasonable prices and quality too. Insider tip: pick a patterned tent or one that is brightly coloured;  it’ll make locating it that much easier in a field of hundreds. Remember a sleeping bag to go in the tent too – otherwise you’re in for a cold night!

2. Wellington Boots.

Doesn’t matter if you buy a cheap pair or an expensive designer pair – these long waterproof boots are a must for any festival goer. Team them with some thick knee length socks for optimum protection against cold, muddy feet.

3. A Torch.

For those midnight strolls through the campsite (when you’ll probably be a little drunk) a torch is a life saver. Not only does it prevent you unzipping and falling asleep in the wrong tent but it also helps you avoid tripping over various obstacles you’re bound to encounter.

4. Food. (And Drink).

Do a huge food shop before you set up camp, ensuring you stock up on things that are easy to prepare but also easy to carry. Carbohydrates are great for curing hangover blues, and bottled water is important to stay hydrated (especially if the festival is happening in the heart of summer). Try and steer clear of things such as ice-cream (for the obvious reason – it will melt). Also remember not to buy anything with glass packaging – so make sure all your beer is either in cans or plastic bottles.

5. Dry Shampoo and Baby wipes.

Dry Shampoo is a spray that gives you hair that looks freshly washed and brands like Batiste are amazing. When you don’t want to queue up for a shower (or when it’s too cold to be walking around with wet hair) this is the perfect solution. Baby wipes keep you feeling clean too, and keeps the smelliness at bay. Both products make sure you look photo-worthy all weekend. Bring on the camera!

6. A Camera.

To document the awesome time you’re going to have, you need a camera, of course! Just make sure you keep it with you at all times. If possible, it might be worth buying a cheap second hand camera off Ebay (because festivals are chaos at times, and you could lose it or break it) – taking your expensive SLR might not be the brightest idea.

7. An Anorak.

Take a couple of these as you’ll probably end up lending them to friends once the heavens open up and it starts to rain. Perfect for keeping you dry, and if you get patterned or coloured ones it also makes finding your friends in the crowds much easier!

8. Toilet Roll!

Not the first thing you’d think of when packing, but the one thing you’ll regret not packing once you get there. Shove a couple of rolls into your bag and you’ll be laughing the whole weekend. It is such an overlooked item that within hours you can even use the toilet roll to trade for alcohol and food. Total win!

About the Author: Elle-Rose Williams writes for Go See Them, a UK ticketing website. Current artists and events featured on the website include The Stone Roses, Ed Sheeran and One Direction tickets.

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