Six Recipes For Tailgating Parties

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Football season is here and what better excuse do we have for a tailgate party!  You don’t actually have to go to a football stadium to have a party.  You can host a tailgate party right in your own driveway.

Here are six recipe suggestions for you to use for your own party.  Feel free to adjust them to your own taste.

  1. Sausage and peppers – Cook sliced sweet red peppers and sliced red onions on a portable grill.  Use plenty of extra virgin olive oil.  After they are soft, put to the side and cook hot dogs or brats until done.  Brush rolls with olive oil and lightly grill.  Put it all together and, if you want, add some provolone cheese to the hot sandwiches.
  2. BLT Burgers – Blend your ground beef with whatever seasonings you prefer.  Shape into patties and place two slices of bacon around the burger, like you are wrapping a package.  Grill until done.  Toast or grill rolls and add burgers.  Use whatever condiments you like.  Try experimenting with your own mixtures.  I like to blend mayo and ketchup together.
  3. Hot Dogs – Grill a variety of hot dogs on your portable grill.  If you are hosting a large party, it’s nice to have an extra grill.  I like the Coleman Road Trip Grill because it has interchangeable accessories and it is easy to use.  After the hot dogs are cooked, grill the rolls lightly and offer a variety of toppings.  Some choices might be chili, chopped onions, sauerkraut or salsa.
  4. Meatball Subs – Have your Italian meatballs and marinara sauce simmering on the burner side of your portable grill.  On the griddle side, cook sliced onions and sliced green peppers in extra virgin olive oil until they are soft.  Put it all together on sub rolls with provolone cheese.  What a feast!
  5. Brats – Cook the brats in beer and chopped onions for 30 minutes.  Then brown the brats on your grill until the skins are crispy.  Serve on rolls with German mustard.
  6. Grilled Fish – This is a little fancier than hot dogs and brats, but is just as good.  Salmon works very well for this.  Make or buy your own sauce for basting when you cook the salmon on the grill.  Use plenty of oil, preferably olive oil.  Cook until the fish is opaque.  Enjoy!

Don’t forget the drinks.  Many people feel that beer is essential for a tailgate party, but many other beverages also fit the bill.  It will probably be chilly or downright cold, so hot beverages are good.  Try hot cider, coffee, tea or cocoa.

Go Redskins!


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