All About White Water Rafting

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It is hard to imagine a more exhilarating activity than White Water Rafting; the flow of adrenaline that it provides is quite incredible. A lot of people who enjoy white water rafting also enjoy other adrenaline fueled sports such as surfing and kayaking. What I love about this activity is the fact that it incorporates fierce natural elements and pits man against nature. In this article I will highlight the ins and outs of White Water Rafting.

White Water Rafting Checklist

• Sun cream
• T-shirt
• Shoes with a solid sole
• A towel
• Fluids such as water or an isotonic drink
• Wetsuit
• Change of clothes
• Helmet
• Neoprene Gloves
• Neoprene bottle

The benefits of White Water Rafting

A great stress reliever

Whitewater rafting is an excellent way to relieve any stress that has built up due to work and other areas of life. The physical challenges of white water rafting combined with the tranquility of the outdoors will allow you to channel your thoughts a lot more positively.

Team building

Whitewater rafting is becoming an increasingly popular team building activity as many businesses and organizations are now realizing its benefits. In order for a session of white water rafting to be a success, all the rafters must work together to communicate and coordinate their movements.

A full body workout

White water rafting provides an intense full body workout that tests your endurance, strength and character. Your arms and legs will be pushed to their limits as they work hard to keep you moving along the river. By the end of your rafting session you’ll be physically exhausted but mentally fresh from the release of endorphins.

White Water Rafting Safety Tips

Know your limits and ability

River rafting can be an incredibly enjoyable activity. However, if you choose to ride an area of water that has strong rapids, currents, other dangers and turns, if you don’t have the ability to navigate them, you could put yourself in serious trouble. If you are new to white water rafting, it’s recommended that you try novice courses before tackling stuff that it’s potentially too advanced for your ability.

Use a flotation device

You should wear life a life preserver at all times. Since people can easily be tossed out of a raft by aggressive rapids, not wearing a life preserver could put your life at risk. It’s no trouble to use a flotation device and it will mitigate any danger.

Wear the correct clothing

Proper attire can prevent a variety of hazards that white water rafting exposes you to. Always wear footwear that will guard your feet from shark rocks as you enter the river. Wearing a shirt that covers you arms and shoulders is important during the summer months; this will stop you from developing nasty sunburn. Avoid wearing clothing that may prevent you from maneuvering correctly, opt for something like athletic shorts.

Never go rafting alone

Regardless of how safe a river may seem, you should never go rafting by yourself. If you go rafting by yourself you may not notice danger like an extra pair of eyes would. The more people the better, especially when doing something even remotely dangerous.

Check your equipment before rafting

Before rafting you should always make sure that all your equipment is in full working condition, especially your helmet and life vest. Also check to make sure that all loads are secured. If a load breaks free this could result in harm to you and other rafters.

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