Glamping Essentials List

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When you think of camping, maybe you think of sweaty clothes, muddy shoes and mosquito bites. If that doesn’t quite tickle your fancy then not to worry because camping is so 2011, it’s time to get glamping! If you’re not familiar with the term ‘Glamping’ it simply means glamorous camping. You don’t have to rough it in a small, stinky tent with glamping. Already popular with some of the worlds most famous celebrities, Justin Beiber is said to even enjoy the experience himself, although I imagine his to be slightly more luxurious than anyone else can afford.

Glamping is great because you can spread out in a spacious designer tent, made with high quality materials and eye-catching colours. Some of these modern tents can even be rigged with electricity, so this means you can chill in a double bed with a mattress, whilst watching TV, listening to music or playing a games console, and for you Glamping Princesses out there, yes, this means you can even straighten your hair.

Your list of essentials while Glamping, to make sure you have an amazingly glamorous time, is as follows:

  • A glam tent, as mentioned previously.
  • Hygiene and makeup products, just because your camping it doesn’t mean you have to look and smell bad.
  • A large inflatable bed and nice bedding.
  • Carpeting over the floor of the tent to ensure maximum comfort.
  • A camp kitchen including a mini oven.
  • Designer clothes and a pair of heels, fashion knows no limits.
  • Suitable washing/shower facilities.
  • A mini fridge to keep all them snacks and beverages cool.
  • Magazines or games to keep you entertained. You could even stretch to bringing a small TV or games console for yourself.
  • Money or plastic, in case there is anything you have forgotten, there should be shops nearby.

The Glamping lifestyle is for you if:

  • You have avoided camping in the past due to creepy crawlies and mud.
  • You don’t want to use nature as a toilet.
  • You don’t want to get backache from sleeping on a hard floor.
  • You don’t want to eat substandard food cooked on a barbeque.
  • You want to look your best whilst slumming it.
  • You want to have the full fun experience of camping but with none of the downfalls.

So you see, you can still sleep under the stars, see the great outdoors and have a great time but have a lovely tent to retreat to at the end of the night. Don’t go camping, go glamping, do it in style.

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