How To Choose Eyeglasses For Outdoors

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Sometimes, eyeglasses and outdoors activities don’t go hand in hand. It’s difficult to find a frame that’s both comfortable and effective – but this doesn’t mean it can’t be done. If you are the active type, you need some tips on finding the right glasses to go with your lifestyle.

Excellent prescription glasses suited for outdoors are available on the market, from kids’ brands (Miraflex eyeglasses) to adults’ (Tag Heuer eyeglasses). What these frames have in common is their high flexibility and the great quality of the materials used in their crafting.

This means that they’re lightweight, comfortable and durable, but also that you can easily take them off and put them on again (snappy hinges are always a plus). Most often, they’re made of polycarbonate, a type of plastic which is also very safe for children. This is a great materiel, as it can take different weather conditions without much damage, and you can also afford dropping them without worries.

The eyeglasses of the active person should be steadily fixed on their nose and ears, so they resist various conditions and don’t slip from a sweaty face. Look for lenses that are interchangeable, like Oakley offers, so you can remove and add them according to the specific activity.

Photochromic lenses are also a good choice, since they adjust to the light conditions and act accordingly: they darken with sunlight and are clear indoors. Imagine how useful this feature is when you’re biking on rough terrain, in and out of the woods! This is a great alternative for the classic eyeglasses and sunglasses combo that is so difficult to put to good use.

Moreover, such lenses will also protect your eyes from UV rays, which is a must regardless of the season. You probably know by now that the more you expose yourself to the sun, the more you risk if you don’t use proper protection. Like sunscreen, UV lenses should be a priority in any backpack.

One last thing that you should keep in mind when shopping for eyeglasses, whether they’re regular or targeted at the outdoorsy type, is overall quality. Opt for brand names rather than cheap copies – you only have one pair of eyes and they need what’s best for them. Designer eyeglasses will last longer so the price-to-wear ratio is, eventually, very convenient.

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