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Choosing The Right Tent For Your Camping Trip

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The great outdoors are calling, and you’ve decided to answer with a camping trip. Whether you reserve a space at your favorite campground or simply “rough it” the old-fashioned 

way with just you, the stars, and a backpack, choosing the right kind of tent is an important part of planning your excursion.

The first step is exploring your options. Shop around and do some research beforehand. Doing the right kind of homework will help you save time and money, and you can feel confident in your buying decision.

Style Options

When most beginners think of camping, and “roughing it”, they imagine themselves carrying all of the essentials in a knapsack, living off the land and bunking down in a small, uncomfortable tent that will keep them dry but not much else. But the truth is, camping has evolved into a pastime that is less like leaving home than you would imagine. And for most campers, the right tent sets the tone for the entire experience.

There are a huge variety of tent styles available. They can range from a small, basic backpacker model that fits only one person to a huge frame that can comfortably house your whole family, with many variations in between.

Backpacking tents

Also known as a “pup tent”, this no-frill model is perfect for an active outdoor excursion. If biking, hiking, or water sports dominate the agenda for your adventure and camping out will simply be part of your day, you may want to purchase a smaller backpacking tent. These models are lightweight, easy to carry, and compact, which will free up some space for your other essentials. Most of these styles can be easily carried in a backpack or rucksack, and are good for any type of weather.

Crossover tents

This style is a mid-size model that is a bit roomier than a backpacker tent but smaller than a full-sized family model. Crossover models are a better choice for rougher weather conditions or longer camping trips.

Ridge tents

Most people picture this traditional style of “triangular” tent when they think of camping. A ridge tent is supported by two metal poles on either end and reinforced with ropes tied to stakes hammered into the ground. Its sides are unsupported and not ideal for windy conditions.

Family tent

As its name says, the family tent is large enough to accommodate your whole family for the duration of your trip. Models and styles vary, but the family tent typically includes dividing walls that create 2-3 rooms for some needed privacy, plenty of headroom, and windows that provide enough ventilation for everyone. Depending on the style, these larger tents can shelter 1-2 families comfortably, so you can bring all the comforts of home right into the outdoors with you.

Fabric Options

The type of fabric you choose will be determined by the length of your trip, the number of people sharing the tent, and anticipated weather conditions.
Most tents are made from nylon, canvas, or vinyl. You may want to purchase an inexpensive fabric repair kit with adhesive patches included should you get a rip or tear in your tent over the course of your trip.

Tents come in a range of sizes, styles, colors, and fabrics. Whether you’re an occasional camper or regular guest at your local campground, it’s important to shop around and consider your needs before you make your final purchase.

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