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Camping in Western Maryland

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For individuals looking to get away from it all and spend some time roughing it in the wilderness, a camping trip in Western Maryland is a great opportunity to dust off those hiking sandals and connect with nature.

With its pristine mountains, gorgeous landscapes, and crystal clear waters, Western Maryland is one of the best camping locations on the east coast, providing campers with breathtaking scenery and lush lands to call home until the time comes to return to civilization.

Some individuals prefer to camp with the basic necessities provided by motor homes or RVs. Others prefer to rough it and bring only tents with the intention of living off the land, not modern luxuries. Nonetheless, whether campers plan on taking tents, travel trailers, or motor homes for shelter, Western Maryland is a great location for individuals to spend time reconnecting with the earth. With the crisp, clean smell of the Atlantic Ocean only a stone’s throw away, camping experiences in Western Maryland create memories that last lifetimes.

Western MD Camping For Families with Young Adventurers

Western Maryland caters to families as well! Greenbrier State Park presents a perfect introduction to camping, with sparkling lakes for fishing and boating, gentle hiking trails ideal for little legs, and opportunities to spot diverse wildlife. Deep Creek Lake State Park offers a mix of campsites with easy access to sandy beaches and calm waters, perfect for splashing around with the kids. Campgrounds often host ranger-led programs like nature walks and campfire stories, creating lasting memories for your little explorers.

“We came to Western Maryland for a family camping trip,” says Sarah Miller, a recent visitor. “The kids loved splashing around in Deep Creek Lake, and we all enjoyed the easy hikes and ranger programs at Greenbrier State Park. It was the perfect escape from the city and a great way to bond as a family.”

Western MD Camping For the Seasoned Backpacker

Western Maryland beckons with a network of challenging trails, perfect for honing your wilderness skills. The iconic Appalachian Trail traverses the region, offering secluded campsites where you can truly unplug and reconnect with the earth. Savage River State Forest boasts primitive campsites scattered throughout its vast wilderness, ideal for those seeking solitude and a deep connection with nature. Remember, these experiences require proper planning and knowledge of backcountry camping practices.

Western MD Camping For the Glamping Connoisseur

Craving a luxurious touch without sacrificing the outdoor experience? Western Maryland has you covered! The Treehouse Camp at Maple Tree provides rustic-chic treehouses nestled amongst the mountains, complete with private decks, grills, and fire pits, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature in comfort. For those seeking a more traditional approach, campgrounds often offer amenities like hot showers, laundry facilities, and even on-site restaurants – all within walking distance of your campsite.

Key parks and trails in Western Maryland

Greenbrier State Park

A fantastic choice for families with young children. With sweeping mountains on all sides, Western Maryland provides countless opportunities for campers to enjoy unique hiking and camping experiences in its beautiful state parks. Greenbrier State Park, for instance, provides access to many exciting outdoor activities. With sparkling lakes for fishing and boating, trails for hiking and exploring, and paths through wildlife habitats to view the animals, campers will never find themselves lacking entertainment.

Gathland State Park

Another popular park in western Maryland is Gathland State Park. Previously the home of Civil War journalist George Alfred Townsend, Gathland State Park boasts a century-old monument built in dedication of war correspondents like Townsend. For this reason, Gathland State Park is a great choice for campers who also want to soak up a bit of Maryland state history. For more historical points of interest, Washington Monument State Park houses the nation’s first monument dedicated to George Washington, making it ideal for the more patriotic campers.

Deep Creek Lake State Park

Nestled around a sparkling lake, Deep Creek Lake provides a range of campsites with amenities. Build sandcastles on the beach, rent a pontoon boat for a scenic cruise, or go for a family hike through the surrounding woodlands.

Washington Monument State Park

Nestled atop South Mountain in Western Maryland, Washington Monument State Park holds a special place in American history. It boasts the distinction of being the very first monument dedicated to the nation’s beloved founding father, George Washington. Erected in 1827 by the citizens of Boonsboro, this park offers a unique blend of historical significance, natural beauty, and outdoor activities.

A short hike leads you to the base of the monument, where you can appreciate its unique stonework and historical significance. But the true reward awaits at the top. Climb the short staircase within the monument and be greeted by breath taking panoramic views of the surrounding valley. On a clear day, you can see for miles, making it a perfect spot for capturing stunning photographs.

Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail in Western Maryland is a must-see trail for campers. Encompassing 20 acres of pure woodland, the Appalachian Trail is a secluded location off the beaten path that is perfect for campers looking to get away from big cities, relax, and get in touch with nature. Campers looking for different lodging options can even find access to tree house camping on the trail. Only in Western Maryland can campers find this sort of option, making camping on the Appalachian Trail a truly unique experience.

Appalachian Trail

Campgrounds in Western Maryland

Not every camper is comfortable with taking a tent into the wilderness and risking run-ins with wild animals. Fortunately, campers will never find a shortage of campgrounds or RV parks in Western Maryland. Camping is a part of the state’s culture and many camping communities exist to provide some of the comforts of home during longer trips.

Many camping grounds in Western Maryland provide access to basic necessities like toiletries, food, and linens. Furthermore, they also offer tools for recreational activities. For instance, campers may find canoe or kayak rentals at their campgrounds, giving them the option to go out onto the water and paddle the day away. Generally, campgrounds also have trainers on-site to help campers make the most out of their experiences.

Here are some of the best campgrounds to consider for your next adventure:

Green Ridge State Forest

This sprawling forest offers a variety of camping options, from primitive campsites to developed campgrounds with amenities like picnic tables and fire rings. Hikers and bikers will love the extensive trail network, while paddlers can enjoy canoeing and kayaking on the Potomac River.

Savage River State Forest

For a more rustic camping experience, head to Savage River State Forest. This massive forest offers primitive campsites scattered throughout the wilderness, perfect for those seeking solitude and a true connection with nature. The Savage River itself is a popular spot for whitewater rafting and kayaking.

Deep Creek Lake State Park

Nestled in the heart of Garrett County, Deep Creek Lake State Park is a haven for water lovers. The park offers a variety of campsites to suit different budgets and preferences, all with easy access to the lake’s sandy beaches and refreshing waters. You can enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, and hiking during your stay.

Huckleberry Hill Campground

This hiker-biker campground situated near Harpers Ferry offers a budget-friendly option for those exploring the Appalachian Trail or the C&O Canal National Historical Park. With a maximum stay of one night and a limit of eight people per campsite, it fosters a sense of community among thru-hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Treehouse Camp at Maple Tree

Craving a unique and luxurious camping experience? Look no further than the Treehouse Camp at Maple Tree. This one-of-a-kind campground offers rustic yet comfortable treehouses nestled amidst the Maryland mountains. Each treehouse comes equipped with a deck, grill, and fire pit, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature in style.

Western Maryland Camping – a place to remember!

Western Maryland beckons outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes with its diverse landscapes and abundance of activities. Seasoned backpackers can conquer challenging trails and primitive campsites, while families with young children can enjoy gentler hikes, sparkling lakes, and ranger-led programs.

So, pack your bags, choose your adventure – from backcountry thrills to family fun or glamping luxury – and embark on an unforgettable camping experience in the heart of Western Maryland. This region promises breathtaking scenery, diverse activities, and memories that will last a lifetime.

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