Auto Transport for a Long Hike

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Often, when embarking on a camping trip, the vehicle you use to get to and from your

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destination becomes an added burden. For example, if you drive to a camping spot and plan on hiking over the next few days, you will come out at the other end of the forest. Now you need someone to pick you up, and drive you back to where you started to pick up your car. There is an easy and convenient solution that may allow you to park at the place of your choice, and your car will meet you on the other side. The answer is auto transport.

Auto transport is an easy and reliable way to have your car transported where it needs to go. Keep in mind, however, that this option is advised for a long distance hike, because the cost may not be worth it for a shorter distance. With auto transport, all you have to do is arrange the deal with an auto transport company, and they’ll take care of the rest. Many companies offer door to door transport, in which you arrange the place, and they will pick up your car, provided that the streets are wide enough for the rig and there are no low-hanging trees or wires that will make it physically impossible for the driver to get to you. Make sure to confirm this with the company you choose, because some only do transport from terminal to terminal.

There are some things to keep in mind when arranging transport. In order to keep auto transport pricing down, it is important to book in advance. This will allow time for you to receive a few price quotes before deciding on a company. Booking with ample time will also allow the company to schedule your transport together with other jobs in the area. Waiting till the last minute might mean that the driver will have to go out of his way to pick up your car, jacking up the price. Also remember to get a quote based on the size of your vehicle. Large SUVs or vehicles that take up more than one space on the auto transport truck will come with an added fee.

Auto transport for RVs and mobile homes are also offered by some companies. This means that you can drive to one spot, stay there in your mobile home, and when you’re ready to start roughing it, have it transported to your final destination. When booking, be sure to tell the transport company the size of your vehicle in order to receive an accurate quote. When transporting an RV there are some extra precautions that must be taken. Loose objects inside the home must be secured, and objects such as mirrors, pictures, lamps, and any other loose or breakable items should be taken down. Hazardous materials such as propane tanks, ammunition, and the like, must also be removed from the vehicle.

Using auto transport can make a long and complicated trip a lot less so. Once your vehicle is out of the way, you’re free to roam as you please, secure in the knowledge that it will be waiting to greet you at your final destination.

Amy Trip is involved in the car shipping industry, and often helps hikers and adventurers plan their trips using auto transport for their vehicles.

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