Top 5 iPhone Apps for Skiers & Snowboarders

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Try These Apps For Skiing And Snowboarding


Winter can be lots of fun. Skiing and Snowboarding are very popular activities in places like Vail, Colorado. Skiers and Snowboarders will benefit greatly from iPhone ski apps. There are a number of iPhone apps to chose from.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best iPhone apps. The iPhone is a sleek, attractive and easy to use device and we expect the same from our iPhone apps. Another thing to consider is cost. We want value in return for our money. Free of course, is very appealing. Here are our top 5 iPhone Apps for Skiers and Snowboarders based on our research.

* Snocator

Snocator is a very handy iPhone App. Snocator has GPS ski trail map that covers well over 70 ski areas in North America. With Snocator you can see where you are located on a map as well as what trail you are on. Snocator can also tell you where you can find the nearest lodges, ski lifts, restaurants and more.

Another great feature of Snocator is the ability to check the latest weather forecasts. Get the latest snow report or check out the view of the mountain from real-time cams on the mountain. Best of all Snocator is very affordable.

* Satski

Satski is a useful and fun iPhone app with GPS capability and 3D trail maps. Best of all, you don’t need an internet connection to access any of the Satski maps once the map has been downloaded from the Satski website. This is a great offline feature in areas with poor connection.

Other features include information about emergency service, buddy tracking, real time replay (allows you to review the slopes you have skied) and a whole host of resort related information. Price for Satski is affordable at just over $5.

* Realski

One of the standout features of this app is that it uses AR ( augmented reality). In fact, it is the very first iPhone app with augmented reality for skiers and snowboarders. Features include geotagging, capturing photos with AR tags or geotags, sharing photos with the AR data tags and the ability to comment on social media outlets like Facebook. Realski is also FREE to download.


Want to brag about the best run of your life? Want to show off that amazing run to your friends? Phresheez is the iPhone app for you. Phresheez records the steepness and speed of your run. If your friends have Phresheez as well, you can compare stats and see who truly has the best skills set. A great app for healthy competition. among friends.

Phresheez also includes a function that tracks all members of your party and makes it easier to meet up on the slopes. This app is also FREE to download.

* The Snow Report

This is an essential iPhone app for any skier and snowboarder. This app gives daily updates on snow conditions as well as a 5 day forecast. You can use the “Track Day” feature, to record the mountains conditions on the days you have spent in the snow, and post photos direct to Facebook and other social media tools. This handy little app is FREE to download.

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