Flowers For Your Garden

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Flowers, according to Feng Shui, are great sources of positive energy. They are not just a part of the decoration. They are able to neutralize the negative energy and contribute to achieving piece and harmony in your home. Choosing the flowers for your garden will definitely get you lost into the magical world of beauty. Colorful, aromatic and unique, the flowers in your garden will turn into a source of freshness during the hottest months of the year.

Beautiful flowers

Know your flowers needs

Tips for a successful cultivating

Even if you’re not a professional gardener, you are most probably aware of the fact that growing flowers in a garden is much more difficult than taking care of a few indoor plants on your balcony. Flowers in your yard are much more vulnerable, because of the constant changes of the weather, the rain and the scorching sun. In order to save yourself a lot of concerns in the future, you will have to consider very carefully the needs of light and humidity of the species you have chosen to plant. Also, if the center of your garden can be indicated, plant there the highest flowers and leave the periphery for the shorter ones. In this way each of them will be able to reach the sunlight.

Another way of grouping your flowers is considering the exact period of the year, when they will grow. The best solution is to plant some flowers, which bloom during the same season, in one flower bed, and then plant another patch, that bloom during another season and put it right next to the first one. In this way you will get a fresh and colorful garden during the whole year.

Popular flowers

Roses, as believed to be the queen of the flowers, can be found in almost every garden. Spring flowers, like snowdrop, crocus and lily-of-the-valley, are also very widely spread representatives of the traditional garden. We offer you some other popular species, which  definitely should be a part of your garden.

Paeonia – This perennial flower has big, fasciculate blossoms and can grow up to 100 centimeters. It loves sunlight and blooms from late spring till the beginning of summer. It is believed to be a symbol of richness and prosperity.

Dahlia – There are around 30 types of this flower and over 20 000 hybrids. Its average height is around 50 centimeters. It blooms from May to October. Dahlias grow under an indirect sunlight. This flower is a national symbol of Mexico.

Hydrangea – These are flowering shrubs with big blossoms in soft colors. Its average height is around 1.60 metres and doesn’t need any special care, except for its roots, which require constant humidity.

Salvia splendens – The blossoms of this flower are red and sharp. It reaches only 80 centimeters and loves rich and nourishing soil. The period of the year, which this flower is typical for, is from June until late autumn, but it requires direct sunlight, since it is a heat-loving plant.

Tropaeolum – This flower is being cultivated mostly for its healing virtues. It is very beneficial for hair loss, anemia, cough and stomach aches. It requires a lot of watering as well as direct sunlight. Its blossoms can be yellow, brown, orange, red even pink.

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