Why Trees Are Special

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It might sound very hippy-like and wishy washy, but we all have a special relationship with trees, however small it may be.


It goes back to childhood; if you were lucky enough to be allowed outside to play, or been wandering in forests on days out with the family, there are deep-set and powerful memories about the sounds, sights and smells of the great outdoors. Rolling countryside and thick forest will almost undoubtedly fill a large portion of happy memories from your childhood and teenage years.

Of course, the weather and seasons will also be a large feature of those thoughts of the past. You will remember the freshness of spring, the heat of the summer, the beauty of autumn and the crispness of winter. You will also recall refreshing rain, glorious sun or hushed snow. Trees really do have such an impact on us throughout life.

Trees In Films

It is no surprise then, to see trees feature so heavily in the most fantastical and engaging films in recent years. Avatar, which is technically a sci-fi film, revolved around the beauty of trees and nature in a distant planet. The existence of the people there was threatened if their home tree was destroyed.

And indeed, many films and TV series would be without their power if trees did not feature so massively. Lord of the Rings immediately comes to mind. Beautiful places like Rivendell and The Shire are surrounded in graceful landscapes and large, proud trees. The very recent TV series, Game of Thrones, is an entirely fantastical story which is made even greater by the presence of a forest which is full of dangerous ‘creatures’. The Forbidden Forest from Harry Potter is another example – this was a very exciting and wondrous part of those stories. Trees give stories a real power and atmosphere that would otherwise be completely absent.


Appreciating Trees
Take every chance you can to go out walking amongst these special things that bring us so much joy and so many memories. Remember that our very existence has depended on them since the beginning of time, and appreciate the beauty they exude, whatever the season. Lay beneath them when reading, and let the gentle sounds of leaves in the breeze relax you and immerse you in the book. Bring your family or friends to a picnic in the countryside and enjoy how the scenery and woodlands entirely lifts the experience.

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