Try Reading Outside Under A Tree

3 minutes

Read A Book
Modern life has become so lethargic that even smart kids do not want to step out and play.  Instead they love getting glued to a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone. The lazy way of life makes people further lazy and they end up catching various diseases. Kids need to be introduced to the rustic life and outdoor activities pretty early in life. Parents themselves need to be proactive in drawing children out of the four walls of a house. Young children take their parents to be their role models, imitate them and learn things.  Reading outside is one way to accomplish this.

Read With Your Children

If you are a parent of a small kid, it is the right time to initiate the right kind of activity for your kid. If your kid is able to read short stories, well, it is the perfect time. Take your kid out of the house, sit somewhere outside. A lawn, a park or just some open space with trees around would make the ideal background for you and your kid to settle down. Occupy some lush green open place and start reading outside. For those city-dwellers this kind of life would be so unimaginable.

Go on a stroll finding a place to unwind. Enjoy some light reading of your favorite authors. Your leisure can not be any better! I myself am reminded of those lovely backdrops of Thomas Hardy’s novels. You never know, you might end up writing some great piece yourself in such scenic places.

On the one side there is a kind of life a vast majority lacks in the world. On the other, there is the health benefits which keep you medically fit throughout your life. Physical activity is the best way to maintain good health. Children who go out and play are in a safe side as far as the lifestyle diseases are concerned. Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stroke etc. would be miles away from physically active individuals.  Reading outside gets them outside.

Reading Under A Tree

Books can be read lying curled up on a bed or a sofa at the cozy corner of your house. The same books can be taken out and read under a tree outside. In the latter case the reader is saving himself from a lot of health issues. The early morning or evening is the perfect time to expose youself to sun by reading outside. You get a good dose of vitamin D and a lot of energy to carry out your chores. Children who are brought up in the cities amidst the concrete jungle would be missing a lot in their life if you take the outdoor activity into consideration.

How magnificent it would be to occupy a hammock and read your favorite book. Countryside is a great happening place which every child should be able to enjoy in childhood. Reading books under a tree would be physically and mentally rewarding to every soul on earth.

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