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Cold, Wet Feet?

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Do you suffer from cold, wet feet? I did too! I’m a keen walker and enjoy the outdoors in all weathers. What I don’t like (especially as the march of time takes it’s toll on my joints and circulation) is being cold. And wet. Perhaps I should emigrate to California, but until that day arrives, I need something to keep me warm and dry in the UK…

Spring may be on the horizon, with the sun starting to peek out from behind the clouds, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still cold and very often wet as well! Indeed, we’ve still got ‘April Showers’ to contend with shortly, so the need for us ‘outdoors-y types’ to keep dry (and by extension, warm) is still pretty pressing. In fact, if the last three British summers are anything to go by, even mid-August is likely to be a ‘wash-out’, so those of us who enjoy trekking, birding, hiking, or fell walking will need even more protection against the elements than ever.

Enter Sealskinz. This company make waterproof socks. Waterproof socks! Just think of that! To be honest, when I first heard about them I was highly sceptical, not quite believing a pair of socks could be waterproof. How wrong was I?

Well if the many reviews online are anything to go by, I was pretty wrong! OK, it grates my ego to be wrong, but I’m enough of an adult to admit it: I was wrong. Sealskinz socks do keep your feet dry. And warm. And sweat-free. And they have ‘anti-blister’ qualities!

How do they work?

Well, the technology behind these socks is pretty staggering, especially when you consider that socks generally are like sponges for water, and are not usually made to be waterproof. Add to the mix, the fact that traditional waterproof clothing makes you sweat, these socks need to have some impressive technology behind them!

In a nutshell, Sealskinz socks are made using three layers of fabric. The inside layer (the one against your foot) is made of a material that ‘wicks’ sweat away – in other words when your feet sweat in your hiking boots (as mine tend to do), Sealskinz socks help take that clammy, sweaty feeling away. The middle layer is a waterproof membrane that is concertina-d to let the sock stretch. This membrane also allows sweat to wick away in the form of water vapour, to pass through to the outside of the sock. This middle layer is the one that keeps water out, and your feet dry. Finally the outside layer is designed with stretch-to-fit properties, and is extra durable, with abrasion resistance to ensure the inner membrane is protected.

How are they ‘anti-blister?’

Well, the anti-blister claims are made because the three layers rub against each other rather than the sock against your foot, and because of the moisture wicking abilities of the inner lining and middle membrane, your feet don’t get the opportunity to become sweaty and soft making blisters more likely to occur. Thus, these socks are anti-blister.

Where can I buy them?

There are many places you can purchase Sealskinz socks from, both online and on the high street. In fact, Sealskinz themselves now offer you the opportunity to buy the socks direct from them. For a full list of Sealskinz products visit their website, and see for yourself the amazing array of waterproof socks, hats and gloves they have available.

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