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4 Important Tips To Maintain Your Boat

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Owning a boat can be wonderful, whether it’s for family trips or for dumping bodies into the ocean – like in Dexter. Sailing across the vast blue seas can be a spiritually engaging experience. I guess it’s the unrestricted freedom of sailing that lures people into buying boats. There’s no traffic, no lights, only the welcoming horizon in front of you. In case the economy gets too bad and you get laid off, you can even resort to small scale piracy. Here are 5 tips to maintain your boat in case you need to play the role of a pirate. If you fail to abide by them you’ll end up like Captain Jack Sparrow, a captain without a ship.

Shine That Surface Till You See Your Face in It

If you want to keep your boat afloat, you’re going to have to give it constant care. Or else, you’ll be struggling to keep the boat from sinking till it reaches the port, just like Captain Jack. The saline seawater causes your boat to rust overtime. You don’t want to take out your boat hoping to go sailing and end up driving it to the scrap yard. Regular cleaning and waxing will make your boat the pride and joy of the sea.

Scotty! Check the Engines

Check the engine on your boat

Ask for help if you need it

If you want to attain warp speed while sailing, you’ll need to keep the engine in order. It’ll be embarrassing to call the coast guard to bail you out because your engine died in the middle of your voyage. Check to see if your engines are running efficiently before and after a trip and also remember to check it for rust. There’s no need to be ashamed to ask a mechanic for help, remember, they’re there to perform the menial tasks so you can continue to sail without a bother.

It’s not Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Put it away for the winter

Proper storage for your boat

Sailing is for the summer, with the sun shining brightly overhead. However, nothing lasts forever; even summer’s heat needs to give way to winter’s cool breeze. There’s not much sailing to be done during the winter, so you’ll need to store your boat during this time. Use boat trailers for transportation. During this long period when your boat remains dormant, precautions must be taken to ensure it sees the light of day again. Clean the boat and use a strong anti-freeze solution on it before storage. Flush out all the water and drain the fuel tanks also. Covering the boat will protect it from the damaging weather.

Like A Fish Out Of Water

Cheaper to store it at home

Consider “at home” storage

Storing your boat outside your house instead of the docks has its benefits. For starters, you won’t have to pay that excessive docking fee. Why pay for docking when you can keep it outside your house for free. It’ll also be more convenient to maintain, as you won’t have to travel to the docks every other day. Hauling the boat to and from the water will prove to be a little problematic. However, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one who does the hauling.

These tips will help you in maintaining your boat and keep you sailing for the foreseeable future. As we part, we’d like to leave you with this greeting, live long and keep sailing.

Nina Wilson, the author of this article, works with, Duralite Aluminium Trailers, leading aluminum trailers in Perth. A keen athlete, Nina loves spending time outdoors and takes keen interest in gardening.

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