Top 5 Tips For Beginner Climbers

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Rock Climbing

Climbing can be an intimidating activity. Here are 5 tips to make climbing easier for beginners.

1. When approaching a climb, break it down into pieces. If you break down the climbing surface into different sections, many small climbs instead of one large climb, the task will become a lot easier and less intimidating. It is important to stay relaxed during the climb and picture yourself climbing a ladder, stepping from one rung to the next.

2. Don’t rely on your arms! A common misconception in climbing is that climbers use their hands and arms. Climbers in fact use mainly their legs and feet during a climb! If you rely on your hands and arms during a climb they will quickly tire out.

Use Your Feet

3. Use your feet. Is it easier to hang from a pull up bar or stand for 6 hours? Your legs are much stronger than your upper body and you should utilize them accordingly. Trust your feet and use them to support yourself on ledges and holds.

Trust Your Belayer

4. Trust the belayer. The number one fear in climbing is falling. In order to over come this fear and become a successful, confident climber you must trust your belayer. A belayer and your climbing ropes will catch you in the event of a fall. Having a belayer that you trust enables you to focus on the climb instead of worrying about falling.

5. Don’t look down! Climbing is a good way to over come the common fear of heights. Only look down to your feet in order to see where you are stepping and make sure they are on the best part of a ledge or hold. Never look past your feet.

There you have it, the top five tips for beginner climbers. Stay safe and have fun!

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