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Barefoot and Wild

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You can already find a lot about barefoot running and doing barefoot exercises, but, can you really go barefoot in the wild? After you are through with this article, you will be enlightened by some of the benefits, and possible drawbacks of barefoot trends. Moreover, you will learn how to finally free your feet from the shackles of the shoes and go barefoot. Commuting in a less urban environment might seem hard on your feet, but they could not be happier to go along for the journey.

The Soles of Your Feet

The early man has managed to survive for so long without shoes, which in turn had many health benefits. Besides being good for adjusting bad posture, the self-healing massage you get on your feet will be beneficial. Which comes as no surprise as a lot of Eastern cultures believe that some spots on your feet and soles are meant to heal almost any problem you could have.

Bedazzle Your Feet

Just because you do not have any shoes on does not mean that your feet cannot look their best. Wearing barefoot sandals will enable you to enjoy the outdoors, and still look stylish. Though, be careful which ones you pick, because you do not want your sandals to get caught in anything while hiking. Then again, offering some coverage for your feet can be good if you are going through rougher terrain, because you have some kind of protection from hurting your feet.

Switch Your Training Shoes

Take a walk outside, go running, try to go climbing, or go have fun in the park; all of it will contribute to healthy soles. However, when you go into the wild, you have to get used to it, because if it is your first time, you will feel every little rock and branch you come across. Again, barefoot shoes, and then true barefooted-ness. At first, it might be discomforting, because your feet are not used to the harsher environment. After a while, you will not even feel it anymore.

Feel Nature Between Your Toes

The good side of going barefoot is that you will improve your posture and strengthen your legs. All the comfortable shoes you are wearing are working against your overall well-being, because they are not providing enough support your body needs. On the other hand, going barefoot could result in picking up some kind of minor disease. In the worst case scenario, you could step into a rusty nail or broken pieces of glass. Be sure to look where you go, to avoid stepping into anything dangerous, and enjoying the fresh ground between your toes.

Practice going barefoot as much as possible, because it will only be good for you. In the meantime, be sure not to go overboard, because no matter how careful you are, it will be hard to sometimes evade stepping into something. Nevertheless, in the long run, your feet will get used to the feeling of the ground and various things you could step in.

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