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Try Reading Outside Under A Tree

  Modern life has become so lethargic that even smart kids do not want to step out and play.  Instead they love getting glued to a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone. The lazy way of life makes people … Continue reading

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When Wasps Attack

  Wasps can be seriously annoying. Unlike bees, wasps are more likely to sting if you annoy them. We’ve all been there: you organised a summer BBQ and invited lots of friends over for drinks and food. It was a … Continue reading

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Iconic Trees

  The woodlands and forests of our planet offer us great beauty and serenity, are vital habitats for our wildlife and produce valuable timber for a variety of uses. Many forested regions are fantastic recreational areas and attract many visitors, … Continue reading

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Autumn Splendor

Autumn is a time of the year that is perfectly designed for the nature photographer.  Whether you are camping, hiking or just enjoying your neighborhood, there are plenty of opportunities for photography.  I took these pictures just a half mile … Continue reading

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Why Trees Are Special

Children Memories It might sound very hippy-like and wishy washy, but we all have a special relationship with trees, however small it may be. It goes back to childhood; if you were lucky enough to be allowed outside to play, … Continue reading

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‘Renewable Energy – Small Chargers, Big Difference’

Renewal Energy Chargers For Your Camping Trip-Who Knew? Whilst camping is still a very popular past time, and a great way to get back to nature, the one part of our modern lives that increasingly infiltrates this seemingly old fashioned … Continue reading

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Plant a Tree for the Planet

  Help Reverse Climate Change The United Nations has launched a plan to plant one billion trees in a single year. The initiative is called “Plant for the Planet”.  It is about getting individuals, communities and indeed, countries, to make … Continue reading

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