Welcome To Always Outdoors

Get Outdoors  And Enjoy A Multitude Of Outdoor Activities

Welcome to Always Outdoors!

My name is Stephanie and I enjoy all types of activities outdoors.  I like to offer tips and “how to” articles that will help you enjoy yourself as you start to develop some outdoor interests.  I particularly enjoy hiking and camping and have done a lot throughout my life.  When my children were little we camped with a big, heavy canvas tent.  Fortunately, camping gear has advanced a lot since those days.  There are many family sized tents for you to choose from.  I suggest one tent that I think is great for families.  I have articles and posts that discuss the best equipment for you.

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Camping and hiking are great family activities and I’ll share some important tips on safe camping and hiking. I’ll even include some tips for the family pet! I’ll suggest activities for you and your family to do to learn about nature. A good pair of binoculars is one purchase you should consider.

It’s good to know some no-fail camping recipes and I’ll explain different ways to cook at a campsite.  I’ll even highlight a great grill for camping.

I’ve written product reviews on three accessories for camping.  If you’re thinking of buying a tent, a grill or binoculars, check out my product reviews first.

Gardening Outdoors Is A Great Activity

My Cherry Tomatoes

Because I’m also a gardener, I’ll be including articles and posts on my gardening adventures.  As anyone who has gardened knows, no two years are alike.  I’ll share with you my triumphs and tragedies!

Last but not least, I enjoy photography.  I’ll combine photography with hiking and gardening and publish photographs of my adventures.  I have just added a Photo Gallery to my site.  I will be adding more pictures as time goes on.

Check out my blogs.  I have many guest authors who have contributed some very interesting articles on camping and hiking and other outdoor activities.

If you would like to contribute a guest post, you can contact me at:  Contact@always-outdoors.com.

I hope you enjoy my website, Always Outdoors.  Come back and visit often and if you like it, share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.