Hi, my name is Stephanie.  I live in Virginia near Shenandoah National Park.  I have spent many happy hours hiking and camping in the forests there with my children and my friends.  I love to take nature pictures and have ample opportunities to capture many beautiful scenes.

I have enjoyed hiking and camping since I was a child.  Our family did a lot of car camping when the children were young.  As the children got older, we took a 6 week camping trip across the United States.  We had a pop up trailer which served us well.  I wish I had a digital camera then.

As the children got older, I made several backpacking trips with them as well as with an adventurous friend.

Now that I am older, I find it hard to find friends that want to or are able to go hiking with me.  As a senior, the challenge is to find trails that are fun and picturesque, but not too difficult.

My other outdoor love is gardening.  I grow flowers and vegetables.  I don’t think you’re ever too old for that!

As you see, anything that allows me to be outdoors is what I choose to do!