Adventure Travel To The Rhine Falls, Switzerland

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Most people think of Switzerland as the country of tasty chocolates and fascinating watches, where the super rich keep their cash. But this country also offers a lot of opportunities to spend your vacation. In this article we will take you on a trip around one of the most impressive wonders of nature – Rhine Falls. This is the largest waterfall in Europe and one of the biggest on Earth. Extremely beautiful and powerful, Rhine Falls is situated in Switzerland, very close to Neuhausen village, at about 4 kilometres away from Schaffhausen.

An Imposing Waterfall

Rhine Falls is right on the top of the Rhine river, near the border with Germany. Very close to this vast expanse of water, there is a lovely lake, called Zürichsee, which is situated only 44 kilometres away from the Mainau island.

Rhine Falls was formed during the last ice-age, (which was about 1700 years ago) and today it is one of the most imposing waterfalls, which impresses with its size and the power of its water mass. Its height reaches 23 metres and its width is over 150 metres. The average volume of the water surging down from this height is the significant 700 cubic metres per second. This natural phenomenon is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country and every year it attracts thousands of people, from all over the world.  If you have found accommodation somewhere in the city, you can easily find the way to the waterfall by following the crowd of tourist groups.

The waterfall offers a magnificent view of the south coast. Also, if you want to experience a really unforgettable adventure, you should visit this fascinating place during the spring season, right after the Alp snow melting period, when its flows are deepest. The sight that bursts upon you cannot compare to anything. The wild and riotous power of water will definitely take your breath away.

Breathtaking views

The waterfall is actually the border of the two cantons. The admission will cost you only 3 Euros. But it is not the affordable ticket that makes more and more tourists visit that place every year. It is the natural beauty, the breathtaking view and the whole life-time experience. Rhine Falls is a natural barrier for the fish, migrating upstream of the Rhine River. In many places along the bank of the river, there were built observational platforms. They can be reached by going up the steep and narrow stairs. Also, tourists have the opportunity to take advantage of a special boat trip along the river, right to the waterfall itself.

Special boat trip to the waterfall

Spending your holiday in Switzerland,
and more particularly visiting the Rhine Falls, can turn into one of the most exciting adventures in your life. This unforgettable trip provides an amazing environment for sightseeing, adventure and exploration. Along with the fantastic boat trip on River Rhine, you can explore the Scenic Rhine Falls and the Medieval Schaffhausen. Also, you can visit the adventure Rope Park. This recreation facility will offer you a lot of challenging and fun activities, such as moving from tree to tree and doing an incredible 13 metres free fall onto a soft landing. From the tree tops you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the infinite landscape.

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