Melbourne Travel Guide: Must See Attractions

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Melbourne is one of Australia’s most vibrant cities, with its multicultural nature and fast-paced atmosphere. With cheap Melbourne hotels available year round, it’s no wonder it is becoming one of the hottest holiday destinations in the country. Here’s our must see attractions in Melbourne.

1. Melbourne Museum

The Melbourne Museum, located in the Carlton Gardens, is one of the most interesting museums in the world. Technology has been used to make the museum as hands-on and visually stimulating as possible for visitors. There is just so much to see and do here for the whole family. Featured exhibits include a walk through a rain forest, stepping foot onto the set of a TV show and viewing the preserved body of the legendary race horse, Phar Lap. Also of great interest are the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre and the complete skeleton of a blue whale. A visit to this fine museum is both intellectually and culturally enriching.

2. Cook’s Cottage

Within the Fitzroy Gardens lies a special treasure for visitors. It is the building that is known as Cook’s Cottage, which was originally built in England in 1755 by the parents of Captain James Cook. The cottage, which has been in Melbourne since 1934, is furnished in part by original pieces has been kept in the manner by which it would have been in the 1700′s in England. Even the garden is planted with fruits and vegetables to match the period theme. Many are fascinated to learn that the building was dismantled brick by brick and brought to Melbourne as part of Victoria’s Centenary Celebrations. Tours are available daily and this quaint village is well worth the price of admission.

3. Kings Domain

Kings Domain is a part of the parklands which surround the Government House Reserve, the home of the Governors of Victoria, the Shrine Reserve and the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. This lovely park was constructed in 1854 and is one of the greatest landmarks of pride for the people of Melbourne. One could spend an entire day roaming Kings Domain and never tire of things to see and experience. Some of the most interesting features are the Shrine of Remembrance, Governor La Trobe’s Cottage, the charming Pioneer Women’s Garden opened in 1935 and the moving Memorial for the remains of indigenous people.

4. Melbourne Zoo

You don’t want to visit Melbourne without making time to stop at the thrilling Melbourne Zoo. Parents and children alike will enjoy taking in all of the beauties of the wildlife of Australia as well as foreign species brought in to view. Experience animals in their natural habitat within a perfect replica of the African rainforest and Australian bush. Over 350 species of wildlife right before your very eyes. Families can spend the day getting close to nature, learning about the animals and visiting the Zoo Shop. A licensed bistro is also open for lunch and afternoon tea.

5. Old Melbourne Gaol

Russell Street is the home of one of the most popular and sought-after attractions in all of Melbourne and Australia—Old Melbourne Gaol. Built in the mid-1800′s, this is the oldest surviving penal establishment revealing gaol life in the19th century. Dark and mysterious, the gaol was the place of some 136 hangings, including that of the infamous criminal, Ned Kelly in 1880. Visitors can see the gallows still hanging and can visit the cell in which Kelly spent his last couple of days. Not for the faint at heart, Old Melbourne Gaol is definitely a thrilling experience.

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