How to Save on RV Insurance

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Whether you make your RV your home or you use it only occasionally for recreational activities such as vacationing or camping, it’s very important that you have an adequate RV insurance policy to protect you in the event of an accident or disaster. The cost of a sufficient policy may seem unaffordable–but don’t sweat it. There are several things you can do to keep the cost of your RV insurance policy down.

Frequency of Use

If your RV doubles as both a home and a vehicle, you basically need both automobile and homeowners insurance coverage all rolled into one policy. If you plan on using your RV only once in a while for recreational fun, you may not need as much coverage. Determine how often you will be using your RV, and purchase your policy accordingly. If you don’t use if very often, you’ll most likely have a lower premium. If possible, you may even want to suspend coverage when your RV isn’t in use.

Parking and Storage

Where you keep your RV will have an impact on your premiums. While in use, park your RV in a safe location. If you keep it in an area known for frequent weather-related disasters such as tornados or floods, you’ll pay more for insurance. Likewise, your RV should be stored in a safe place when you aren’t using it. Garages or storage units are ideal for protecting your RV if it sits empty during the off-season.

Compare Rates

When shopping for RV insurance, it’s very important that you get quotes from several reputable insurance companies and compare them. If you don’t have time to contact each company by phone, consider getting multiple insurance quotes online. Study the offered insurance policies carefully–one company may offer more coverage at a lower premium. Some companies offer discounts. If you are a responsible driver, pay your premiums in full, pay on time, or are a claims-free driver, you may qualify for a hefty discount. Don’t forget to ask–not all insurance companies offer them, and discounts may be the determining factor in your decision.

Bundle Your Policies

If you already have other types of insurance policies such as homeowners, automobile, life, or health, you will most likely save on RV insurance if you purchase it from the same company you’re already buying from. Bundling your policies can mean lower premiums and a “bundle” of savings!

Choose a Higher Deductible

Another way to save on RV insurance premiums is to choose a plan with a higher deductible. This can be a risky move, but if you have an emergency savings fund to cover a high deductible in the event of a catastrophe, it may be worth it. Ask your insurance agent what your deductible options are–you can always choose one somewhere in the middle so that it you can afford to pay it if the need should arise.

Be Safe

Being a responsible RV owner is one of the best ways to keep your insurance rates low. Be a safe driver when operating any vehicle, and try to keep your RV well-maintained and as hazard-free as possible. The fewer claims you have, the less you’ll spend on insurance.

Rest easy and enjoy the pleasures that come along with owning an RV. By following some of these helpful suggestions, you will undoubtedly find affordable RV insurance that will keep you and your vehicle protected.

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