Hiking in Canada

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Mother Nature certainly knew what she was doing when she waved her magic wand in Canada. For unsurpassed outdoor beauty, no other landscape comes close to the wild, untamed panoramas of North America.

Book flights to Canada for some incredible hiking that is cheap, fun and a fantastic way to see Canada’s magnificent nature; ranging from crystal clear lakes to snow capped peaks, sandy white beaches to vast open plains under endless starry skies. Here are some of the best…

Trans Canada Trail

This is a hiker’s dream and the mother of all hikes! 21,500 km of trail that take you through every province in Canada from the Yukon to Quebec to Manitoba and Newfoundland, through some of the most awe inspiring scenery in the world. You can obviously do as much or as little of it as you wish. The tracks are fantastic and allow for every level of hiker to have a go.

East Coast Trail
Newfoundland & Labrador

This hike is perhaps for the fitter and more vigorous walker. It spans 540 km from the Avalon peninsula to Newfoundland. and passes through 32 communities from Quidi Village to Puch Cove, Fort Amherst and the beautiful southern shores of Cappahayden. It’s one of those all too common parts of Canada that make sitting through that long-haul flight completely worthwhile.

Nut Point Trail

This is a stunning hike along the Nut Point peninsula in Saskatchewan’s Lac La Ronge Provincial Park. Being high up on the rocky ridges affords some spectacular views of the thick spruce forests and captivating landscapes of the area.

Mont Tremblant National Park

In this beautiful national park, wildlife lovers will have a field day spotting the likes of white-tailed deer, beavers and even the occasional bear! With more then 6,000 km of trails, you’ll never tire of looking around you in admiration at Quebec’s glorious views.

Johnston Canyon to Ink Pots

A much easier hike, this is one of the most popular in Banff Park as it’s so accessible. You’ll only need 5 or 6 hours at most to complete it and there is beautiful scenery of waterfalls and colourful rock deposits along the way near Upper Falls.

Wild Pacific Trail
Prince Edward Island

This is a lovely little family hike that is also wheelchair accessible and only takes half an hour. More of a gentle stroll really! Starting at Stanhope campground it takes you over the floating boardwalk on Dalvay Pond where you can stop to feed to ducks and admire the views.

Reeds and Rushes Trail
British Columbia

The name of this trail gives a little hint as to what to expect. Not harsh terrain by any means but rather mesmerizing views out across the breath-taking Pacific Ocean. Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, black rocks and giant waves accompany you on your hike, that will only take you an hour or two at most.

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