Backpacking: A Non-Traditional Holiday

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Off Season Backpacking Trips Offer Many Benefits

Most people reserve backpacking for the warm months of summer, as you don’t need as much clothing or other personal materials to get along. However, the summer season also brings along other tourists, which can make getting that real experience a little more difficult. Local shops tend to try and sell you more as this is their busiest time of the year and the traditional tourist spots can often be too crowded to get into or truly appreciate.

Winter backpacking will give you a whole new look at places you may have gone before. There are new activities, attractions and fewer tourists. So you want a unique holiday experience? Grab your sack and get trekking.

1. One benefit of traveling during the winter is that it’s an off-season for tourists. Yes, many people go abroad for skiing opportunities but those are more select cities, than as a whole. That being, airfare and other travel prices will be cheaper. For an even better price, go to for a Travelocity promo code that will cut the price even more. Don’t forget to plan accordingly. For example, if you plan to make your way across Europe, book your flight to London but make the return flight in Venice. You don’t want a two-way ticket from the same place unless you plan to travel full circle.

2. Make sure you pack accordingly. Europe, Russia and many spots in Asia are quite cold during the winter as many of them receive snow. If you plan to head north, bring your warmest coat, preferably something that is also waterproof. Winter underwear may seem silly now, but you’ll be happy once you set out in the snow with your long johns and thermals on. If you’re heading south towards Spain or Portugal you’ll most likely not see snow but you should still prepare yourself with a jacket and warm sweaters.

3. Make sure you do your research before you leave. Plan out your destinations and know a few hostels in the area so you have options or in case you don’t make it to your target location. Trains and other modes of transportation can be unreliable in the winter due to snow or rain, so planning for these instances will save you a lot of trouble, especially if there’s a language barrier. Doing research also entails knowing the attractions you want to visit. This doesn’t mean you need to make a detailed list of every day you travel.  That defeats the purpose of backpacking and a non-traditional tourist trip. However, you should have a rough outline of where you’re going, especially when you are trying to make special events and deadlines.

4. Because you are traveling during the holiday season, take advantage of the trip by experiencing new cultural holidays. Each country has a different way of celebrating the holiday seasons so try to experience as many as you can. Be open minded to new traditions and holiday foods to get the best non-traditional holiday as possible.

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