Wilderness vs Urban Camping

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So it’s that time of year again, when we start to think about booking this year’s camping trips. With low cost airlines, access to far and outreaching locations has never been easier. So this begs the question as to where to go, but more importantly, what type of camping you want to do. Camping in essence exists in many forms and people are more adventurous than ever. So today we are going to look at the differences between urban and wilderness camping.

Wilderness Camping

Wilderness Camping

Exploring the wilderness has been an activity enjoyed by human beings for thousands of years. The edge of self dependence and survival provides a real buzz for many campers. Camping in remote locations allows you to see things that many people won’t see in a life time. It often provides mind blowing experiences, whether this is seeing a rare animal or experiencing a near death situation.

Wilderness camping is also great for families and allows children to learn new skills. It also gives you a greater appreciation for nature. We personally love wilderness camping and there are many great locations to do this. These include North America and Europe.

Although Wilderness camping can provide a great thrill it should only be done by experienced campers. This is because awkward situations can arise at any moment and help is not in close proximity. You also need to be prepared as there won’t be shops close by. If you are going on one of these trips, take the time to plan it carefully. Write check lists and make sure people are aware of your location and time frames.

Urban Camping

We use the term urban camping loosely as you can find campsites in and on the outskirts of the city. These are sites that are purposely built for camping and provide quick and convenient access to major attractions. They provide cheap holiday accommodation options  and are often suitable for first time campers.

A campground with swimming area

One of the great things about these setups is that many of them have entertainment facilities. The difficulty with wilderness camping is keeping children entertained. The entertainment factor and access to shops provides a certain level of comfort. People also like to eat out while on holiday and this option allows for that.

The main difference between urban camping and wilderness camping is that it’s more about convenience than the experience, unless you’re on a purposely built holiday park.
Both options have pros and cons and it often comes down to experience and personal preference. The main thing is to choose the option that will give you and your family the most enjoyment. If you have any thoughts or prefer one over the other,  let us know.

Bio: Thomson Al Fresco are family camping holiday specialists that own over 40 holiday parks throughout Europe.

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