What Are Some Accessories For My Tent?

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Now that you have purchased the proper tent for your needs and perhaps a camping grill, you might consider these four tent accessories.  They will provide added comfort and ease to your camping experience.

  1. Coleman Tent Accessories Kit – This compact kit will help you with setup and take down of your tent.  It comes with four 10″ metal stakes that will securely anchor your tent corners.  It also includes a rubber mallet for pounding your tent stakes in the ground.  When it comes time to return home, there is a small whisk broom and dustpan for cleaning debris out of your tent.  There is also a stake puller for removing the stakes from the ground.  A mesh storage bag is also provided for storing these items.
  2. Tent Lights – There are many types of tent lights. There were two that seemed to be popular with their users.  The Coleman Tent Light has a built in magnet that attaches to your tent pole.  It has a replaceable Krypton bulb and runs on 4 AA batteries.  The Rayovac Sportsman Extreme 3-D LED lantern is another model that got good customer reviews.  It has 3 watts and 300 lumens of run time.  It goes for 72 hours on high and 150 hours on low.  It runs on 3 “D” batteries and is water resistant.  It has a durable rubber base and three light modes.
  3. Tent Fans – Tent fans will help circulate air within the tent.  A good family camping tent should have adequate ventilation.  However, if you are camping in very hot climates are in very close quarters, this accessory could be a real help.  The Coleman Free Standing Tent Fan is a popular choice.  It has two speeds of air flow.  It runs on 4 “D” batteries for 21 continuous hours.  It folds up for compact storage.
  4. Coleman Speckled Enamelware Dining Kit – This is a nice alternative to paper plates.  It’s a 24 piece dining kit with settings for four of dinner plates, bowls, mugs and utensils.  It comes with a handy carrying case.

These are just a few of the accessories that are useful on camping trips.  There are many different types of lights and fans.  It is helpful to browse a site such as Amazon to see all the amazing choices that are out there.

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