Weight vs. Comfort

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We’ve been concerned about packing lighter and more comfortable for a while now and that is because camping gear has evolved immensely in the past decades. Basic camping gear like the map, sleeping bag, tent and backpack has improved because of innovative technology. Switching most camping materials from canvas to nylon and to lighter metals has changed the outdoor world for the better.

Whether you are ready to brave the elements during a day hike or take a few days for a camping adventure, weight always seems to be a factor when it comes to figuring out what to pack. You battle with the thought of comfort over efficiency.

One part of you wants to pack everything in order to travel comfortably but another part of you also wants to account for how much your backpack is going to weight while you hike up and down mountains, through valleys and maybe even through rivers.

Although we still battle with weight factors we don’t have to carry nearly as much weight as adventurers did 50 years ago when a camping tent could weigh up to 50 lbs. A modern camping tent can weigh as little as 2 lbs. Now you can easily pack a two- person tent, sleeping bag and pad, food and water for a 3 day trip for under 15 lbs.

Lighter gear has allowed us to pack more efficiently during trips and in return saves time and energy. Next time you start to complain about how heavy your backpack is while on a camping adventure just visualize this infographic and remember how good we have it now.

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