‘Renewable Energy – Small Chargers, Big Difference’

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Renewal Energy Chargers For Your Camping Trip-Who Knew? Whilst camping is still a very popular past time, and a great way to get back to nature, the one part of our modern lives that increasingly infiltrates this seemingly old fashioned past time is modern technology. Many of us act as if our iPhone is a portable life support machine, and as phones get more and more intelligent, their battery life seems to be getting shorter and shorter, with most requiring a charge every day. People also take a wider range of electronics with them, so the issue of a portable power supply is of an all-time importance. How then, can this issue of power-hungry devices be solved in the socket-free world of your tent? 1 – Pedal Power There are now a couple of different types of pumps which can work in just the same way as an airbed – you pump them with your feet and they turn these pressure changes into electricity to charge your phone, GPS or mp3 player. 2 – Wind chargers Ask most people about wind energy, and the image that they associate with it is that of a large turbine found on a huge wind farm. However, you can buy miniature wind turbines to charge your phone too, made by a variety of companies. It’s rather clever – you can adjust it as the wind direction changes to make sure charging your stuff is a breeze (apologies)… 3- Kinetic Energy Just pop this nPower PEG into your backpack and it’ll charge based on the kinetic energy that you provide as you take each and every step. The downside is that you’re going to have to walk a long way to provide much energy – you can always shake it vigorously to increase the power stored in it’s batteries. 4– Solar Power Did you know that if you covered the surface of the Sahara with solar panels, you’d produce enough electricity in 6 hours to meet mankind’s needs for a whole year? Solar panels aren’t just a good measure for your home; they have a great potential to generate electricity for your portable devices. They come in a wide range of sizes, and they look great too – see this charger from Regen. This makes for a great stocking filler for any outdoor enthusiast. We’re not quite sure why it’s got a hole in the corner, but it is pretty handy if you’re going somewhere with decent weather. But what if you’ve got to be on-the-move? This solar panel backpack means you can be charging your kit whilst you’re trekking. Overall, renewable energy and camping go hand in hand. Taking a couple of different measures along with you on your next trip means you can make sure that you’ll still be able to call home, play Angry Birds or listen to your favorite song.

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