Best Camping Spots in Northern America

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Yosemite National Park in Mariposa, California

By far one of the most popular and enjoyable camping spots in all of North America is Yosemite National Park. This location offers everything you could possibly want in one

beautiful spot. There are ample hiking trails with difficulties and lengths to suit anyone, including long hikes to the waterfalls of Yosemite Valley or the giant Sequoia trees in the Mariposa Grove. At Yosemite you also have the opportunity to drive or enjoy a tour bus ride to Glacier point from summer through fall to enjoy beautiful views of the valley. Yosemite also offers canoeing, rock climbing and seasonal snow skiing, making it a mecca for anyone that enjoys the outdoors. Plan your visit for the fall to avoid the summer rush to enjoy the best nature has to offer.

Everglades National Park Campground in Miami, Florida

The Everglades National Park is another spot that draws campers and visitors from all over the world. The Everglades National Park has three campgrounds that are open year-round: Long Pine Key, Flamingo and Chekika. The Flamingo camp site is a popular spot if you’ll be canoeing during your trip as canoes can be rented here and at the Gulf Coast. More than a third of the park is shallow estuaries and marine areas, making it the perfect destination for a relaxing fishing trip as well. Animal lovers also flock to the Everglades National Park to see a range of beautiful endangered species like the green turtle, the American crocodile and the West Indian manatee. The park takes great care to protect these animals but viewing is possible. In fact, it’s the only place in the world the public can see many of these animals in the wild. This is a gift that should be treasured and respected. The Everglades is one of the most unique places on earth, incorporating almost a dozen different habitats and making it a must-see camping spot.

Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada

The United States doesn’t have all the best camping grounds in North America, as Canada boasts many beautiful spots that bring tourists year after year. The Banff National Park is an excellent example and remains one of the most popular destinations in Canada. Upon entering the park you’ll find you’ve been surrounded by mountain lakes, glaciers and rushing rivers and waterfalls. The Tunnel Mountain camp site is popular, although there are areas specially designated for tents or RVs. The cave and basin in the Banff park are made of a natural hot mineral spring that exists in a beautiful limestone cave. It’s not uncommon to see deer, elk, moose and bears during your stay as well. If you’d love to camp surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains, Banff National Park is the ideal spot for you.

Pacific Rim National Park in British Columbia, Canada

Canada has another beautiful gem in British Columbia. The Pacific Rim National Park boasts a gorgeous ten-mile long beach that draws surfers from all over to ride its waves. The pools here are filled with aquatic life of all kinds, allowing safe and up-close nature viewing. Hundreds of bird species also call the Pacific Rim park home. From this park you can have a unique and wonderful camping experience and even try a few new things. There’s rainforest tours, as well as sport fishing and the very popular whale watching along the coast. A visit to British Columbia isn’t complete without a stop at the Pacific Rim National Park to see all of what Canada has to offer.

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