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3 Great Camping Treats that Are Easy and Delicious

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Camping can be terrific family fun. But the one part that often feels like a sticky situation is rustling up a satisfying dessert for campfire time at the end of the day. Fortunately, here are 3 fantastic recipes for yummy treats that are less mess and super fun to make. These are my personal favorites, and sometimes I’m tempted to make a fire in my backyard so that I have an excuse to enjoy them even when I’m not camping.

1. Peach Pockets

The first is one of my personal inventions that happened by accident at a backyard bonfire. About 30 minutes before lighting your campfire, throw these ingredients in a Tupperware container:

•1/2 cup of uncooked oats
• 1 Tb. sliced butter
• 3 Tb. brown sugar
• 1 Tb. Water

Shake these up and let them sit until you’re ready to cook. The water will soften the oats and mix in the sugar.

Then, simply cube some fresh peaches (apples or berries would also work nicely) and place them on a sheet of foil. Dump the softened oats, sugar and butter on top and fold up the foil into a closed pocket. All that is left to do is set it over the fire and let it cook for roughly twenty minutes until the peaches are softened and the sugar is melted and bubbling. Dig in with forks and enjoy.

2. Banana Boats
There are multiple variations on this ooey gooey treat. One that I love to make is pretty simple and very rich. Run a knife along the length of the concave curve of a banana to make one long slit. Then fill this crevice with your favorite peanut butter and cram as many chocolate chips inside as possible. All that’s left to do is wrap the “boat” up in foil and place it on the grill or the side of the campfire.

Let it soften and melt. The peel can even blacken a bit. Pull it out and unwrap the foil. I like to just scoop it right out of the peel. The soft banana is swirled with warm peanut butter and oozing chocolate. Some people also add mini marshmallows on top. When you’re all done, the clean up is a cinch. Just roll up the foil and toss it in the trash.

Hint: you can also enjoy this treat in your toaster oven even when you’re not camping.

3. Strawberry S’mores
This recipe is for any mom who has ever craved the delight of a chocolate covered strawberry while out in the dirt camping. All your preconceptions about the s’more as a kids treat will be totally swished aside after trying this unlikely but heavenly combination.

Strawberry s’mores are really just that: a traditional s’more with strawberries on top. I’ve found that this recipe works best when the strawberries are sliced into flatter pieces that layer well. But if you don’t have a cutting board, just lay your chocolate squares on the graham cracker slide in the toasted marshmallows (so that the heat will soften the chocolate) and squeeze a few strawberries on top. Then, carefully squish down the stack, smooshing the marshmallows and strawberries into a messy sandwich. Now, take a bite and go to heaven. I know that this sounds strange, but I’ve tested it on several of my friends with raving reviews from all.

So if you just checked your watch and it’s officially dessert time, choose from these awesome and simple camping recipes to satisfy your whole family.

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